Safety and Delight Come Together

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Highland Lake Inn & Resort and Season’s at Highland Lake have been committed to the safety of both guests and staff. In the midst of climbing cases and the upcoming flu season, the resort and restaurant are ensuring that every aspect of their safety precautions exceed the standards set forth by local and state regulations.

One significant way this has been accomplished is through the Count On Me NC training program. This statewide initiative was created to help North Carolina businesses address and manage the risks associated with COVID-19. Courses were designed around industry-specific topics to incorporate the best available science in social and physical distancing, employee health and cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection.

Over the summer, completing the Count on me NC program was a priority. Every employee from the resort and restaurant attended the courses and earned a certificate of completion. “We believe that our guests deserve the safest possible experience and this program ensures that we move forward in a responsible manner,” said owner Jack Grup. “It is important that every department understands their part in maintaining a safe place for our guests and fellow team members.”

In addition to the training offered by Count on Me NC, all resort operations are following the Safe Stay guidelines that were established by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA). This is a national initiative that addresses enhanced cleaning practices, social integrations and workplace protocols that meet the health and safety challenges of the pandemic. These guidelines were created by an advisory council and have been endorsed by leading scientist, physicians and public health experts.

Besides the formal training and enhanced safety guidelines, the other major component of the property’s safety program has involved regularly seeking guest feedback through online surveys. “Safety training is important, but accountability is the true measure of our success,” said Kim McCall, Director of Sales & Marketing. “We need to make sure that our safety efforts translate to an enjoyable experience that surpasses expectations.”

As change is almost certain, the team at Highland Lake Inn & Resort and Season’s at Highland Lake continue to make safety the top priority. The framework provided by Count on Me NC, paired with the Safe Stay guidelines, have established a standard for all operations. Along with the valuable feedback from guests, this Flat Rock property is taking initiative to ensure that guests continue to be safe and delighted. For questions, please email Kim McCall at