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Upcoming Events

Join us for an authentic dining experience at one of our signature events.
January 10

3 for $30 - Pick one item from each course
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January 12

Comfort Foods Cooking Class

January 25

Festa Italian Wine Dinner
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February 9

Grandma’s Secret Recipe Cooking Class

February 22

Champagne Chocolate & Savory Delights Wine Dinner

March 16

Cooking With Butter Cooking Class

March 22

Wines of The Mediterranean | Wine Dinner

April 6

Appalachia Cooking Class

April 25

The Unknown Wines Dinner

May 4

Seafood Cooking

May 16

Sommelier Smackdown | Wine Dinner

June 27

The World of Rose’ | Wine Dinner

July 25

California Wine Celebration | Wine Dinner

August 22

Wines of Spain | Wine Dinner

September 28

Passion for Pinot | Wine Dinner

October 24

France vs California Wine Dinner

November 21

South of the Equator Wines | Wine Dinner

December 12

Holiday Wine Dinner