Highland Lake Receives Environmental Sustainability Award

The Henderson County Chamber of Commerce presented Highland Lake Inn & Resort with this year’s Environmental Sustainability Award. The Flat Rock, NC resort was able to reduce energy consumption by 10% and also played an active role in educating the public about sustainability by facilitating a Climate Crisis Forum. In addition, they continue to implement several environmentally friendly practices that include:

  • A comprehensive recycling program for staff and guests.
  • The implementation of brown, unbleached paper towels and toilet paper that is made from recycled materials.
  • All straws and stir sticks in the restaurant are compostable.
  • Composting organic waste from the restaurant in their garden
  • The recycling of all grease and oily liquids from the restaurant.
  • The elimination of Styrofoam - replaced with compostable corn cups.
  • A 2-acre garden provides organic vegetables for the restaurant.
  • Point of use water cooler’s deployed to avoid the use of plastic water containers.
  • “Save Our Planet” signage is used to encourage the reuse of towels.
  • Bulk dispensers for soap and shampoo eliminate wasteful individual containers.
  • Low-flow shower heads and adjustable toilet valves to reduce wastewater.
  • Room cleaning products that are all bio-degradable and phosphate-free laundry detergents.
  • Motion sensor technology is used throughout the property to reduce energy waste in unused rooms, at vending machines and other public areas.
  • All new HVAC units have SEER ratings of 19 or higher.
  • All new window units are dual pane and energy efficient.
  • The entire property uses energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Digital programmable set-back thermostats are used to reduce energy waste throughout the property.
  • Reversible ceiling fans are used in lodging, offices and the restaurant to reduce heating costs in cooler months.
  • Season’s restaurant follows the guidelines of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program to ensure we purchase only sustainably caught seafood.

Highland Lake Inn & Resort is committed to demonstrating the importance of sustainable operations. As the hospitality industry rapidly grows in Western North Carolina, local hoteliers play an integral role in preserving natural resources. Each year, the goal is to operate in a manner that is more efficient than the last and provide guests an environmentally friendly place to enjoy.

Highland Lake Inn & Resort was honored to receive this recognition and thanks their staff and guests for continually making the environment a priority. Senator Chuck Edwards presented the award to Peter Fassbender, who accepted the award on behalf of Highland Lake Inn & Resort.