OG Cocktail Class: Stirred, Not Shaken

Sure, we all want to feel like James Bond and order our martinis “shaken, not stirred,” but we aren’t teaching you how to shake your martinis in this class! Stir your way to the perfect martini and join us as we explore gin, vermouth, bitters, and brine as they come together to create a beautiful, icy-cold, slow sipper. February’s Cocktail Class, “Stirred, Not Shaken” will focus on the art & science of creating this timeless stirred cocktail fit for an international secret agent.

Come find out what all goes into stirring up this first-class libation at February’s Oak and Grist Distilling Co. Cocktail Class: “Stirred, Not Shaken”. We’ll take a deep-dive into classic stirred martinis: from the dry to the dirty (ain’t no Espresso Martinis in this class!) There are options for both paired and solo tickets, so if you’re coming with a friend, please make sure you purchase the correct ticket. One ticket per participant required. Classes are capped at a maximum of 12 people per class.


Feb 09 2023


7:00 pm

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