18th Annual North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Grand Prix

Come check out the 18th Annual North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Grand Prix November 19-20, 2022 at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, NC!  Part of the USA Cycling ProCX Series, this event includes the championship event in the UCI Junior Women’s Division (17-18), the UCI Junior Men’s Division (17-18), UCI Elite Women’s Division & UCI Elite Men’s Division.

North Carolina is now recognized as one of the nation’s hotbeds for cyclocross, a unique, non-Olympic form of bicycle racing that is a cross between road cycling, mountain biking and steeplechase — YUP, it’s a very intense sport!

Per USACycling.com, “Riders begin in mass-start fashion and must navigate through both paved and off-road terrain, often times dismounting their bikes to hurdle barriers, climb steep hills or stairs, or traverse other obstacles.


Nov 19 - 20 2022


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